DrElaineDr Elaine Ingham is an energetic, easy-to-understand speaker who explains what life in the soil is all about. Behind this “user-friendly” approach lies a wealth of knowledge gained from years of intensive research into the organisms which make up the soil foodweb. Elaine not only understands the soil foodweb, she has knowledge on how to ensure a healthy foodweb to promote plant growth and reduce reliance on inorganic chemicals.

While truly an academic, Elaine is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and research findings with those at the grass roots level of working with soils. That includes not just farmers who grow crops, but also those who graze cattle, sheep and other livestock, fruit and vegetable growers, green keepers, parks and gardens workers, nursery operators – in fact anyone who grows things, even if it’s just plain old lawn grass.Elaine offers a way forward for sustainable farming. A way of improving the soils we work with now and a way to keep soils in this healthier state without damaging any other eco-system.

Attendance at Elaine’s courses is always very high with a broad cross section of people taking advantage of her knowledge sharing. It is exciting that a speaker with such a depth of knowledge and dynamic presentation style, who is respected the world over as a leader in research of the soil foodweb, is sharing this information with.