Jean Belstead

JEANBELSTEADFor over 40 years Jean has been practising homeopathy with both humans and animals. She is a great believer in natural remedies and incorporates reiki and foot masssage as well as kinesiology when prescribing remedies for her many clients.
Jean was proud to tell us that she brought up 5 kids using her herbal knowledge on them, and apart from broken bones and a bout of whooping cough during an epidemic, the doctor has been used very little.
Jean’s dispensary has over 450 homoeopathic simplexes; 80 herbal tinctures; nearly 100 flower essences; and 50 essential oils. She has been supplying farmers with homoeopathic formulas for 24 years. Jean’s farming background is with dairy, show horses, sheep, sheep dogs and goats.