maartenDr Maarten Stapper has lived, studied and worked in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Iraq, Syria, and since 1982 in Australia.

Maarten has an agricultural engineering degree in agriculture and catchment management in the semi-arid tropics, and a PhD in wheat production systems, linking crop physiology with agronomy and daily weather in simulation modelling.

Quantifying production in dryland and irrigation wheat paddocks in south eastern Australia made him aware that most problems start with the soil, and thus solutions should commence there.

Maarten is passionate about discovering and using the power of nature in food production systems – and the connections between soil biology, soil health, and the overall functioning of agro-ecosystems, and sees many opportunities for Australian agriculture to reverse soil degradation and regenerate soils.


3 Different Farming System

We visit 3 farms – one biological, one trialling biological v current and one conventional farm about to change over to biological farming.

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What caused Kevin to change?

We visited in Autumn during a prolonged dry season. We are indebted to Kevin, Colin & Jenny for sharing their experiences with crashes answering the questions put to them by Maarten.

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Healthy Soil Healthy Food

Maarten‘s focus is to help farmers improve profitability by harnessing the power of natural soil processes through biological farming to produce healthy crops and pastures

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